Stadium in Maury Co. receives much needed repairs

Stadium in Maury Co. receives much needed repairs (Image 1)

COLUMBIA, Tenn. – A stadium in Columbia is finally receiving a much-needed face-lift, just in time for football season.

Al Ray, Director of Maury County Parks and Recreations, told News 2 that the changes being made at Lindsey Nelson Stadium are more about safety than appearance.

Last October, News 2 got to take a look at the condition of the stadium.

Almost every aisle was roped off with caution tape, stairs were crumbling away, and the stadium was filled with orange cones marked ‘Dangerous'.

 “It had come to the point where, yeah, safety was a primary concern,” Ray said. “It's long over due and I hope [that people] are pleased with it, because it's the county's field and I hope everybody is pleased with it.”

Lindsey Nelson Stadium has new handrails, better aisle ways, a new fence, and a new coat of protective weather-proof sealant on the concrete.

 “It's a high quality product and something we expect to get several decades of use out of,” Ray said about the new sealant.

Construction and renovations are making good progress, and the stadium will soon be good as new.

The Columbia Parks and Recreation Department budgeted $200,000 to pay for the renovations, but Ray expects the 90-day project to come in closer to $160,000 dollars.

 “It's what we've been trying to accomplish for awhile,” he said.

The stadium will host a jamboree Friday night, bringing in teams from all over the Mid-State.

As the stadium fills up, Ray hopes that fans will recognize the new changes.

“I hope they say, 'Wow!' to be honest with you,” he said.

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