New school, teachers, students at Spring Station Middle

New school, teachers, students at Spring Station Middle (Image 1)

WILLIAMSON CO., Tenn. – Teachers at Williamson County's brand new school, Spring Station Middle, were ready and waiting for parents and students Thursday morning.

Principle Paula Pulliam lead the new school through their very first day of classes.

“Proper planning prevents poor performance. That is what we strive for on the first day,” she said.

Principle Pulliam noted that without the help of Spring Stations' staff, the day would not have been as smooth.

“It is rocking and rolling. That is all I can say about it. It is the staff. It is not me. They help go through the minute details that make it a smooth opening,” she added.

With a new school, comes new teachers, and Principle Pulliam understands how important it is for the new teachers to build relationships with their students.

“Our philosophy is, you can't reach a child's head until you get to his or her heart. So we spend the first couple of days orienting the children to the building so they are comfortable so they know where they are going,” Pulliam told News 2.

Parents of children attending Spring Station Middle School are also very excited about everything being so new.

“I think the school is beautiful. I am excited about it. I am excited about going to a brand new school and having brand new everything for my child,” said mother Holly Winkler.

Metro schools had a half day Thursday morning to get their students properly oriented and registered for school, then they'll head back for their first full day Monday August 16.

To learn more about Spring Station Middle School, visit their Web site.

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