New elementary school opens in Franklin

New elementary school opens in Franklin (Image 1)

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – Three new schools have officially opened their doors to new students today.

Two of those schools are in Spring Hill, Spring Station Middle School and Allendale Elementary.

Pearre Creek Elementary School is the third new school, located in the Westhaven neighborhood of Franklin.

Neighbors of Pearre Creek were surprised to see how quickly the school developed.

“We live across the street and let me tell you, I didn't know a school could be built so fast,” they said.

Beth Ferguson is the principal of the new elementary school.

“We just blinked our eyes and all of the sudden it was up, and today is here!” she said.

Pearre Creek is so new that all of their spots for students have filled up. Ferguson told News 2 that the school was built to serve around 800 students.

“Today, I'm expecting 510,” she continued.

When asked if she was excited, Ferguson said she wasn't, but that she was nervous instead.

“First days can be challenging because there's so much anticipation built up… a little anxiety,” she remarked.

Some new students said that they were excited to make new friends and meet all of their new teachers.

The teachers and staff at Pearre came from 20 different schools, so their feelings are similar to those of the students, anxious and excited.

“Teachers are so ready to work with [the kids] and get to know them. Today is all about getting to know each other, building community,” Ferguson added.

To learn more about Pearre Creek Elementary, check out their Web site.

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