First Cane Ridge High School senior class begins school year

First Cane Ridge High School senior class begins school year (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Classes began Thursday for all Metro Nashville public schools and Cane Ridge High School had a senior class for the first time since being built.

The school, located at 12848 Old Hickory Boulevard in Antioch, was built in 2008 and now houses grades nine through 12.

Officials have filled the building gradually since then, and initially housed only ninth and tenth grades.

“We're real excited, we have a little over 300 seniors, and we want them to be excited that they have people following in their footsteps,” Sanchez-Wall said.

Diana Cruz, a senior at Cane Ridge, said, “It's exciting, I actually moved here just to graduate with the first class.”

Principal Sanchez-Wall is also the first Hispanic-American female principal in Metro.

“I mean it is nice that it's groundbreaking but I think that, you know, that the south, where our population is growing and I'm just really glad that I have this opportunity to make this mark here in Nashville,” Sanchez-Wall said.

“I don't think about being the first Hispanic principal. I just think about wanting to have all the students here at Cane Ridge graduate from high school and know what they want to pursue,” she continued.

Sanchez-Wall also said that the school is looking forward to making their mark in Nashville, to become a flourishing school and do things right.

Thursday was a half day of school for Metro Nashville Public Schools.

The first full day of school is Monday, August 16.

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