Waldron Rd. construction affects business’ bottom line

Waldron Rd. construction affects business' bottom line (Image 1)

LAVERGNE, Tenn. – A plan to expand Waldron Road in LaVergne is causing headaches for business owners in the area and drivers alike.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation and the city are expanding parts of the road from two to five lanes between Murfreesboro Road and Interstate 24.

The $11 million project will eventually make Waldron Road more traffic friendly but for the next 15 months, motorists and business will be seeing red, or in this case, orange.

One of several businesses in the labyrinth of orange cones is Wine and Spirits Unlimited, where the sign outside the store reads, “Worth the wait.”

Jeremy Sargent manages the store and told News 2 the construction chaos is affecting his bottom line.

“I don't understand why barrels are placed like they are and the work is much further down the road and this has been cordoned off for three weeks,” he said. “Why have a 50 foot bottle neck, instead of a 1,000 foot bottle neck all the way down the road.”

Sargent said business has dropped off as a direct result of the construction.

“People don't want to come here because of the barrels, the way they are situated, they get lost,” he continued.

TDOT spokeswoman BJ Doughty said their intention to not put anyone out of business.

“We realize there is pain associated with a roadway project and we know it is unpleasant, but if there are things we can do to ease problems, we will do that,” she said.

When asked why the road is blocked off in front of the liquor store even though workers are 1,000 feet away, Doughty replied, “We are tearing up a bridge and if we don't funnel traffic well beforehand, people might drive into a hole.”

She added, “There is a method to the madness regarding traffic control in work zones.  This is part of keeping the motoring public safe and our workers safe.”

TDOT hopes to have the widening project complete by Thanksgiving 2011.

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