Armed IRS agents raid rapper Young Buck’s home

Armed IRS agents raid rapper Young Buck's home (Image 1)

The home of local resident and rapper Young Buck was raided by the IRS on Tuesday in Sumner County.

According to a statement released by Young Buck, Internal Revenue Service agents showed up to his house, armed with shotguns and ready to repossess some of his assets.

The agents warned Buck not to interfere with the raid as they seized his recording equipment, jewelry, furniture, platinum wall plaques, and even his kids' Play Station.

TMZ reported that the raid was due to $300,000 in unpaid taxes which resulted in a delinquent tax bill.

Spokesperson for the IRS Dan Boone gave little information about the raid, but confirmed that the agents performed a “civil action.”

Public records state that Buck has a history of liens for unpaid taxes, the most recent in May for $164,337 in federal taxes.

In Buck's statement, he blames past mangers, accountants, and his former record label for all of his financial problems, saying that he remains “relatively unscathed and reflective” after the raid.

Buck also said that the raid was a “huge wake up call” for him and that “nothing like this will ever happen again.”

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