Budenia – Dental Assistant

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Hello, I'm Budenia! I have worked in the orthodontic field for the last 8 years. I became interested in working in orthodontics when I was a teenager and had braces myself. I love watching my patients grow and change throughout their treatments, and seeing how happy they are when their braces are removed and they smile for the first time. We have some of the greatest patients. They are all so kind and thoughtful, and excited to be here. It makes me feel thankful everyday that I chose this profession. Our team is also wonderful. Each member of the team works together to help our patients and everybody is so thoughtful and caring.

I have lived in Nashville my whole life, and am still proud to call this area my home. I have one son, Kyle, who I enjoy taking to the park and spending time with as much as possible. I also like movies and trying to fix the different foods that I see while watching The Food Network. I am the president of the PTA at my son's school, and I enjoy volunteering at my son's school every Friday.

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