Construction on the new riverfront park to begin in October

Construction on the new riverfront park to begin in October (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Metro is pushing forward with a plan to improve the east bank of the Cumberland River just south of LP Field.

Metro hopes to build gardens, a spray park, trails and many other assets through the $30 million Riverfront Redevelopment Project.

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean invited the public to review design plans of the $8.5 million Riverfront Adventure Park.

Dean said a river running through a city in modern times is priceless.

Metro Councilman Mike Jameson adds Nashville has mistreated its river.

“Nashville, like a lot of other cities across the country, treated its river like a sewer system for generations and we didn't realize the resource we had,” Jameson said.

Metro is working against the river abuse and the vision of what the riverfront could be is coming to fruition.

“It connects right to the Shelby Bottoms Greenway and the Downtown Greenway,” said Don Kitner, who attended the open house. “It will be a great focal point for cyclist and for walkers.”

Past administrations have had similar plans.

Mayor Dean said Thursday construction will began in the fall 2010.

Dean said he hopes the Adventure Play Park will be completed by summer 2011.

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