Teammates remember McNair death anniversary

The Death of Steve McNair
Former Titans quarterback Steve McNair was killed in a murder-suicide on July 4, 2009.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Many Middle Tennesseans are remembering Steve McNair this holiday weekend.

The legendary Titans quarterback was killed last Fourth of July in a murder-suicide.

Two of those who remembered him Friday were old teammates of McNair’s on the Titans.

Blaine Bishop
Blaine Bishop

Just a few hundred yards from the Lea Avenue condo where Sahel Kazemi shot McNair and then turned the gun on herself, Blaine Bishop spoke fondly of the quarterback who he called “a warrior.”

Bishop is now part of “3-Hour Lunch” on 104.5 The Zone, which broadcasts from within eyesight of the Rutledge Hill area condo.

The former safety, who was also a ferocious competitor, shared with callers and co-hosts Brent Dougherty and Clay Travis his thoughts as the anniversary of McNair’s death approached.

“It was really alarming and you know life is precious, but you just never know,” said Bishop on the air.

He also quietly reflected about McNair’s wife Mechelle, who he has known since his Titans playing days.

“I think she is at a point where she can deal with it now, so our prayers out to her as well,” said Bishop.

Chris Sanders
Chris Sanders

Few knew of McNair’s relationship with Kazemi, a 20-year-old Nashville waitress who, according to police, was distressed over a deteriorating relationship with the former NFL star.

“The one thing we really need to do is learn from this situation and not let it happen again,” said former Titan Chris Sanders, who caught many touchdown passes from McNair.

Sanders now counsels young athletes and regrets not talking with McNair about life, like they once talked about football.

He looks at McNair’s death as not only tragic, but an opportunity to help others.

“Let’s take this moment to really educate the next generation of athletes that are coming into the NFL about making the right choices,” said Sanders.

McNair was found fatally shot midday on July 4, 2009.  Police believe he was shot sometime in the early morning hours.

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