Galaxy Star denies ties to gang violence

Galaxy Star denies ties to gang violence (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The non-profit group known for speaking out against gang violence is denying it has ties to a violent street gang.

Galaxy Star officials told New 2 Friday they are shocked by a federal indictment naming one of the group's founding members as part of the Bloods gang.

In the indictment, Lonnie Greenlee and his son, Lonnie Newsome, are accused of using Galaxy Star as a meeting place for illegal gang activity, as well as providing phony documents for other gang members to show proof of court -rdered community service hours.

The indictment comes as a big shock to the organization, because Greenlee is the brother of the group's current president, Clemmie Greenlee.

Clemmie Greenlee did not want to speak to the media on Friday.  Friends told News 2 it's been a rough week for her.

“Galaxy Star would never authorize or allow a gang meeting to occur on this property,” said Cindy Montano.  “The Galaxy Star Love Center is a place of peace, it's a place where we invited young people to come and talk about alternatives to violence, so we're just as shocked as you are about these allegations.”

Deborah Blockmon added, “We will let nothing, no circumstance, no rumor, stop us from helping us save our children.  These are our children. This is our community.  This is Nashville.”

Galaxy Star leaders told News 2 they are trying to make sense of what has happened and are still trying to move forward.

They said they plan to continue their mission of reaching out to kids in the community and encouraging them to make non-violent choices.

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