Murfreesboro man finds success in organic chocolate

Murfreesboro man finds success in organic chocolate (Image 1)

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – The idea of healthy chocolate is catching on and soon, shoppers will see a Murfreesboro man's product in their grocer's freezer.

Michael Jones created Ridiculous Chocolate in 2008, a healthy alternative to chocolate that “tastes just as good, if not better,” according to Jones.

Jones is no stranger to the kitchen.  Since childhood, he's been baking sweets in the kitchen.

It was only after his family went on a health kick that he started researching healthier recipes to feed his sweet tooth.

Jones said, “I've changed some of the ingredients, modified some of the ingredients and eventually came up with Ridiculous Chocolate.”

Some may wonder how Jones came up with the name for his organic chocolate.

It's from a catchphrase that popped up at the Rutherford County farmer's market where Jones sells his product.

“Most of the time, the reaction I've got is, 'Man that's good,' but it doesn't sound as good,” he said.  “Now jokingly, people at the farmer's market came up to me and said, ‘That's ridiculous.'”

Jones makes the chocolate in his kitchen, but that will have to change.  There are so many companies interested in selling his chocolate he'll have to move to a bigger location.

“Give me six months, I should be at Whole Foods,” he told News 2.  “You should be able to find Ridiculous Chocolate in the freezer section next to the ice cream.”

At several health food stores in the area, it'll be in the freezer section, because one of the main ingredients, coconut oil, melts at room temperature.

Jones uses coconut oil, agave nectar and cocoa, mixes it, and freezes it, making the dessert organic, raw, vegan and diabetic friendly, among other things.

“With agave, coconut oil it's a better sugar,” Jones said.  “It's got fiber, magnesium, vitamin A, protein in it.  It's just a healthier version.”

Jones only began selling the product in May.  He has already ordered bulk ingredients and is looking for commercial space so he can start mass producing the chocolate, creating an overnight success.

Read more about Ridiculous Chocolate online at

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