Floating trees create extra safety hazard on Old Hickory Lake

Floating trees create extra safety hazard on Old Hickory Lake (Image 1)

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. – The Memorial Day weekend is a time when a lot of people head to the lakes, so TWRA has an extra warning for boaters who plan to use Old Hickory Lake.

Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency officer Alan Herald says a couple of land slides resulted on the banks of Old Hickory Lake after the mid-state received a tremendous amount of rain and flooding at the beginning of May.

“Some of this slid in and floated down stream,” Herald said of the huge trees half-submerged in the lake.

The land slides and recent flood waters have filled Old Hickory Lake with huge logs and branches which are floating on or just below the surface of the lake.

“One thing to be aware of this weekend, not only have your proper safety equipment is to watch out for this debris in the water because that is just an added hazard to everything else.”

Herald says anyone pulling a tube or water skier should be extra careful this weekend because of the floating logs.

“I would suggest you go to an area and ride the area real good before you put somebody out on a tube or skis, because there is so much debris. You want to make sure you don't run whoever you are pulling up on a log or one of these trees floating down the river,”

The TWRA will be patrolling and enforcing the rules on all of the area lakes this weekend to make sure everyone stays safe.

The TWRA also reminds boaters that lifejackets can be life-saving tools while out on the water.

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