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The Vein Guys have been to a few places, operated on thousands of veins, given and heard a lot of testimonials, taught a few classes or given lectures, as well as published a few articles about veins. Dr. Davis and Dr. Roth continue to fine tune their techniques in the fields of plastic surgery and vascular surgery while leading the way in vein innovation. Gathered here, are some of their articles, publications, or simply the Vein Guys“In the News.”

Recently, ABC News' Good Morning America covered a story of the success patients have experienced with the VNUS ClosureFAST procedure. The procedure can be done without anesthesia and there is little or no pain associated with the procedure and recovery. One of the big draws for this type of treatment is that it only takes about 15 minutes. The Vein Guys have been performing this procedure for years and offer this revolutionary varicose vein treatment in their office; making varicose veins and vein pains a thing of the past. For more about this story please visit:

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The Vein Guys' Vein Centers receive ICAVL Accreditation

We're an Accredited Vascular Center

The Vein Guys at the Vein Care Pavilion of Nashville are proud to announce that we have been awarded accreditation as a vascular laboratory by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories (ICAVL). ICAVL accreditation requires information on all aspects of laboratory operation as well as the submission of actual case studies for review. The physicians, technologists and sonographers on the ICAVL Board of Directors composed The Standards, an extensive document defining the minimal requirements for noninvasive vascular laboratories to provide the highest quality of care. With this new accreditation, our patients can have even more assurance that the vascular surgeons and registered vascular technologists (RVT's) at any of our vein care centers are focused on patient safety, quality of care, satisfaction and successful results!


Dr. Steven Roth's interviews on Nashville's WSMV 

Dr. Roth has appeared on WSMV Channel 4 More At Midday to discuss varicose veins, spider veins, vein disease and the symptoms patients experience when they suffer from vein disease. Varicose veins and bulging veins can be a sign of vein disease, which affects as many as 75 million individuals in the United States.

In his latest interview, Vein Guy – Dr. Steven Roth discusses the vascular options available in combating leg pain, swelling and burning due to vein problems. Dr. Roth talks about the VNUS Closure procedure in depth while providing before and after images of patients the Vein Guys have treated who suffered from varicose vein pain.

In the two segments below, Holly Thompson and Vein Guys' vascular surgeon – Dr. Roth discuss two aspects of vein care: 'Cooking with your veins in mind' and 'Understanding Vein Disease'



 The Vein Guys – “Providing the Gold Standard in Vein Care”

You could be one of the 75 Million Americans who have vein disease and don't even know it. The Vein Guys offer minimally invasive in-office procedures like VNUS Closure. The good news is, in most cases the consultation, evaluation, and treatment are covered by most insurance companies and Medicare. The Vein Care Pavilion of Nashville is one of the top 5 vein centers in the country based on volume and patient satisfaction.

Patients with smaller spider veins or reticular veins undergo foam sclerotherapy or ultrasound guided sclerotherapy. Because of their sub-specialties the Vein Guys are uniquely qualified to also treat cosmetic vascular lesions of the face and body with laser therapy and/or proven clinical prescriptions. Patients are always glad to find out our doctors perform all the procedures offered at the Vein Care Pavilion of Nashville.

As one of the top 5 vein clinics in the country, the Vein Care Pavilion of Nashville is a results driven medical vein practice combining unrivaled expertise and customer service for all unwanted veins under one roof.  Together, Dr. Roth and Dr. Davis recognized that successful treatment of venous disease included the skill and knowledge of two disciplines in medicine most suited for treating vein disease – vascular surgery and plastic surgery.  Consequently, it is the first comprehensive vein care center of its kind in the Greater Nashville area.

“Each and every one of our patients are treated like royalty the moment they choose to pick up the phone and call the Vein Care Pavilion of Nashville,” Dr. Roth says.

The Vein Guys strive each and every day to positively affect and change the quality of life for their patients. Dr. Roth is fellowship trained and Board-Certified in Vascular Surgery and Dr. Davis is Board-Certified in Plastic Surgery.

– Contents care of Who's Who Magazine Nashville April 2009 –


Endovenous  Radiofrequency Ablation

EVRFA article written by Dr. Roth. Published in Surgical Clinics of North America Journal.

VNUS  ClosureFAST Brochure  

VNUS Closure Procedure Brochure – More information from VNUS.

Kinerase  Skin Care Products

Wondering what Kinerase is? This product brochure can help.

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