Patient Comments

Dear Doctor Snodgrass/King:
Congratulations on the opening of adult care to your outstanding Pediatric Dental Services. I don't write these type of letters unless I am extremely satisfied or dissatisfied with a professional service. This is the easiest letter I have ever written. The essence of this letter is to share with you and any others my opinion of the adult services of Snodgrass/King.
Now for the history of why this letter and some specific examples of exemplary service by your professional staff: I am a retired USAF Colonel with a long history of poor teeth. I have had dozens of dental professionals care for me over the past 60 years and I have seen some excellent providers and a few not so good. After retirement, I was very careful to select my family dentist and wanted to ensure that he/she had not only the proper training, but also continued his/her professional training after the DDS degree. I found a family dentist and unfortunately he was stricken by a fatal illness. He had treated my family for 15 years.
After he quit practice, I called the new Snodgrass-King office in Murfreesboro, TN and made an appointment with Doctor Soni. Not only was I impressed with the superior efficiency, professional treatment, and prompt service, I was overwhelmed by the modern dental technology that is in use at your facility. I quickly realized that I had been doing a great disservice to me and my family. We had been getting repair work when things were broken and not a prolonged preventive program that included proper restoral for ageing and deteriorating conditions.
I realize that I could write several pages of why I am so happy with the care that your staff provided me. Bottom line: I was in a crisis and didn't know it. Some of my care requirements exceeded your staff's expertise and you were very quick to suggest specialist that could help with my problems. Doctor Soni quickly and professionally repaired some serious deficiencies and stabilized me so I could be referred to specialists. It wasn't just Doctor Soni but, every single employee I came in contact with was polite, professional, and efficient with their customer focus and service. My family is now a full time customer of Snodgrass-King.
I actually look forward to my appointments at Snodgrass-King and I am certainly glad you decided to move into adult care. It was greatly needed and you have earned the right to say you have the best treatment, technology, and service in the Nation.
You have my permission to share this letter with others who might benefit from your professional staff and services.

–James N. P
USAF Colonel Ret.

 I was extremely impressed with the staff and facility. Keep
up the good work. You make children happy to go to the dentist!!

–Denise B

To the Snodgrass-King Family-

Thank you for your care of our family.  To be able to bring all my children during the same appointment hour is amazing!  Not to mention, that you have an orthodontist and oral surgeon in the same facility! Your office is bright, friendly, and FUN – as are the staff!  I only hope our family business can bless others the way you have blessed us!

With Much Appreciation,

–Christine F.

When I had my wisdom teeth out, the staff at Snodgrass-King made me feel very comfortable and safe.  I knew I didn't have to worry.  And the office is so colorful and exciting!!!

– Rachel E.

Dr. Urbanek and the staff at Snodgrass-King were so wonderful!  They made us feel very comfortable with the procedure by providing us with details and pleasantly answering our questions.  Thank you for taking such good care of my son!!

–Twana A.

My girls LOVE your office!  Our oldest use to be scared of her dental check ups until Snodgrass-King came along.  The environment IMMEDIATELY soothes the kids with a fun atmosphere.  All of the employees are super friendly and have a love for the kids and their work clearly! 

Thanks Snodgrass-King! BTW… the kids LOVE the arcade room! LOL

–Angela W.

I think the monkeys name should be bonkers
and the cheetahs name should be runner. I hope you like my names p.s. I LOVE your dentistry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

–Mekenzie M. age 9


Words really can't express what a change in my life you have made Doctor Oakes, to be able to communicate to others again is great. As you know I had a motorcycle accident in May of 1990, that resulted in a massive brain-stem stroke and my communication was servery impaired. Even more so with the teeth I had ground down to nubs, so getting my message across to people that cared for me was very frustrating. And I often found myself in confrontations I didn't want to be in ….simply because they couldn't understand me…………it made for a very bad day. I now have the ability to talk with some amount of clarity. My caregivers don't get as frustrated with me anymore, and for the past few weeks my life has been pretty smooth. 

Communication is just one area of my life that has improved although P-N-j sandwiches, scrambled egg's, oatmeal and bananas will never get old, it hardly makes for a healthy diet I don't think I've ever enjoyed a salad so much.

 (Doctor Oakes) Thank you for giving me a smile and something to SMILE ABOUT

–Tom G.

 Thank you for taking such care with our daughter. Special needs kids need a great deal of patience and you went beyond our expectations with gentle treatment. We weren't looking forward to having two teeth pulled and her braces changed, but thanks to you and your entire staff, the experience was stress free!

Thank you for caring.

– Rich & Rhonda C.

God blessed us when we were directed to you and your staff.

–Melissa K.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with my son's teeth. We had many people praying about how to pay for his procedure. What you all did was the best gift anyone could have given. Thanks so much for your help and understanding. You will never know how much your help means to me and my family. You are all truly a blessing.

–Kristy H.

Dr. Snodgrass takes care of all 4 of my children and Dr. Oakes also takes care of my oldest child's braces. My kids love coming to the dentist! The care is so exceptional that my youngest son can hardly wait until he can come – he goes back there with a smile every time.


Dr. Snodgrass, Since you clipped my daughter's frenulum, things have been wonderful. She has mended quickly and never seemed bothered by the surgery. She learned quickly to suck better on the bottle and eat with more food staying in her mouth. She has now progressed to taking 5 ounces in a bottle and takes it all at once. She eats her cereal and fruit with little food coming back out of her mouth. She can now also take a pacifier with no trouble and can hold on to it. 

I hope you find this information useful should other parents come to you with our same issues. Thank you again for your assistance.

–Gwen and Adam A. Nashville, TN

I am writing to commend Christina Carey. I have been through what I call an “insurance nightmare” having been sent to a participating dentist, then referred to a specialist 43 miles away because of my plan. When asking for help from my plan, but denied any assistance, i contacted Christina who was not only as professional as can be, but also willing to listen to my situation and get assistance to do whatever was necessary to get my seven year old's teeth taken care of. I am grateful to her and your facility for making me feel that my child is very important by helping me get the care we were in need of.

–Amy G. Franklin, TN

There are no words to tell you how much we appreciate the beautiful work done on Chester's teeth. I never would have believed he could get that great smile back. He is flashing everyone!  We were both treated like royalty every time that we were there, by the whole staff, especially Dr. Suzanne and the little one as Chet calls her.

–Mareline C.

Thank you for being so careful and gentle pulling out my two teeth. Yes, i do appreciate how gentle you were.

–Lily C

This office is the coolest thing I've ever seen.
– Carla: Franklin, TN

We travel almost 2 hours from Alabama to come to Snodgrass-King Dental. My kids love it! I love it! We can always get everything we need taken care of because of all the services they provide. I hated going to the dentist as a child. I'm so glad my children don't have to experience the same fear. I can not imagine taking my kids anywhere else. I am often asked if traveling that far is really worth it. Without a hesitation I can say, “YES IT IS WORTH IT!!”
– Amanda

Dr. Snodgrass change my daughter's smile. She used to be so self-conscious. She has always been a pretty girl but her teeth were a bit crooked and her bite was off. She hardly ever smiled and when she did, rarely would she show her teeth. After Dr. Snodgrass' treatment she is almost a new girl. It brings tears of joy to my eyes to see my little girl smiling and laughing with other children. She tells me how much better she feels about her smile and herself. Thank You, Dr. Snodgrass, for unlocking this freedom for my daughter!
– Tammy W.

I love being able to come to one place for all our family's dental needs. Both my son and daughter had been seeing Dr. Snodgrass and Dr. King for years when they were recommended to have braces. I can't tell you enough how wonderful it is to have your dentist and orthodontist in the same office. We were always able to get the most out of our visits. At our monthly braces check, the kids could have a filling or sealants done if it was needed and we didn't have to make separate appointments. In our busy schedule, convenience is necessary! The staff always seemed to remember us and say hello so that personal touch was never missed. My husband and I have even started our dental care in the same office with their new adult dentists. One family, one office. It works for us.
– The Parkers: Nashville, TN

I love the games and TVs!
– Jason (age 6): Hermitage, TN

What a brilliant concept! Snodgrass and King Dental know what kids need and how to make them comfortable. I never believed my three-year-old would actually be cooperative at his first cleaning. I was amazed! He just laid back and watched cartoons like it was nothing!! Even better, he keeps asking when he gets to go back to the dentist. He's happy! I'm Happy! Thank you for knowing what we need.
– Angela: Spring Hill, TN

WOW!! This place is Cool!
– Christian (age 4)

Thank you so much Dr. Snodgrass and his wonderful staff for making our experience with your office so pleasant and nice! It was a wonderful, and believe it or not, a truly fun time! Their offices have the coolest games, toys, TVs for the kids. Not much paperwork, and they got us in, and right back out in a jiffy. Not your typical dentist/doctor's office I tell ya! Can't wait to bring the family back soon! I will most certainly be recommending my friends and family to come experience your facilities! Thank you again! Many Blessings!
– E.Wilson

I am SO impressed! I decided to bring my daughter to Snodgrass for a second opinion. I found the staff to be friendly, caring and very understanding. Stephanie and Dr. House were kind and displayed great empathy towards my child and the situation. My daughter is extremely excited and happy about her experience. As a parent, I not only want my children happy and healthy, but I want them to enjoy going to the dentist. When I was younger, I was terrified of the dentist. I would absolutely dread going. If this facility were open when I was young, I'm sure I would have been excited about dentist visits. I am so happy I came to Snodgrass- it was a great experience for my daughter and me!

__ Angela S:  Hermitage, TN

Thanks for such a supportive visit.  Everyone was wonderful across the board, and special thanks to Mrs. Julie..  See you again soon.

__ Jennifer S:  Nashville, TN

 …Today, I brought my daughter to Snodgrass and I am SO impressed! The staff is amazing! Everyone is friendly, always smiling and gives a warm feeling. Stephanie was courteous, understanding and displayed sincere empathy to my situation. I've never had such a great experience at a pediatric dentist. As soon as my daughter and returned to the car, she asked what was the name of the place she just visited, because it was great! My daughter is not only healthy-but had a wonderful experience. A huge burden has been lifted off of my shoulders today, and it's because of your staff. I really wanted to send a note to say thank you, so THANK YOU! J

__ Angela S: Nashville, TN

My kids actually LOVED going to the dentist. Our first appointment was for a cleaning for my 3 children and we had to go back the following week for a dental procedure at 9 am for my 7-year-old and he actually asked if we could leave the house as soon as he got up because he wanted to get there early. Great atmopshere!! Friendly staff!!

– Debra R:  Spring Hill, TN

I have been telling everyone (including my Facebook friends and family) about the wonderful service we had at your Cool Springs office on Monday, October 19, 2009! My daughter broke her tooth at camp that morning. When I called and was told to come on in, I was pleased. When we arrived and we were seen quickly, I was WOW'd! Ms. Rhae knew just what to do with a scared patient and a shaky mom! Dr. King explained the what and how of the procedure and eased our minds that it was all going to be okay! A big thank you to Dr. King, Melody Snodgrass, Patsy Cannon, Christine, and the entire staff… you exceeded our expectations!! It is so nice to have a dentist office who cares so much and creates an experience that makes a child, and a parent, look forward to the next visit!

– Karen K: Nashville, TN

My son really relaxed and it was a great trip to the dentist.  They were very professional yet kid friendly.  They also explained everything and aanswered all my questions.  I was nervous going the first time because we already had a dentist we loved, but I was very impressed.  Wonderful Job.  Thank you all.

–Beck P: Spring Hill, TN

When I ask my 2 1/2 year old who is her doctor she says, “Dr.King!”  She had a great time at her appointment and she can't wait to go back to watch the fish and play with toys. Great job.

–Damir B:  Nashville, TN

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