CHOMP Bites (Image 1)

1)      Kids, brush your teeth after every meal.

2)      Little Kids, please ask your parents to give you a hand brushing.

3)      Remember kids, after you floss ‘em, you gotta brush ‘em!

4)      Every child should see an orthodontist by age 7 – make that appointment today!

5)      Hey kids, remember – your smile can brighten any one's day!

6)       Hey parents, you've got to help your children floss and brush until around age 7, when they develop the dexterity to do it themselves.

7)      Hey kids!  I know you all love soft drinks, but please remember they are not only bad for your teeth but also bad for your health.

8)      Chomp wants to warn all you teenagers that chewing or dipping tobacco today, may cause mouth cancer tomorrow.

9)      Chomp wants to warn all kids to visit a pediatric dentist by age 1.  Many dental problems can be prevented with a little parental education.

10)   I hope you are not drinking too many sodas – they are full of sugar, salt, and caffeine.  Not only are they bad for your teeth but they are bad for your health.

11)   Chomp loves to eat candy, but the sweet sticky candy is terrible for your teeth.  Please try to eat more fresh fruit, its much better for you.

12)   If your child consistently has had bad breath, you might want to talk to your pediatric dentist about it

13)   If you want your child to have an advantage in life, they need a big beautiful smile!


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