5 charged in murder of 12-year-old

5 charged in murder of 12-year-old (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Police in Nashville on Friday charged five men in last summer's shooting death of a 12-year-old girl.

Makia Woodland was shot and killed in the early morning hours on July 9, 2009 during a home invasion robbery at her home on Maury Street, just south of downtown Nashville.

Named in a felony murder indictment returned Friday by the Davidson County Grand Jury are Ralphael Turner, 20, Justin Howard, 22, Jeffrey Dale Foxx, 20 and Cedric Peppers, 26.

Ronald Deshawn Roseman, 18, is named in a juvenile court arrest order charging him with criminal homicide.

Roseman is charged in juvenile court because he was 17 at the time the murder took place.

News 2 has exclusive video of Peppers and Roseman as they were arrested on Friday.

Turner, Howard and Fox were already behind bars on unrelated charges.

The investigation shows that the five men broke into Woodland's home to commit a robbery and shot her in the process.

“The Makia Woodland homicide has been the top priority for Hermitage Precinct investigators, particularly Detective Sergeant John Patton, who shed tears while talking to the media about this case last July,” Metro Police Chief Ronal Serpas said.

On the morning of Woodland's death, her grandmother with whom she lived, heard loud banging coming from the kitchen and went to investigate.

She was met by several young men who ordered her back to the bedroom.  As the grandmother was calling police from her cell phone, she heard several shots.

Moments later she discovered that Makia, who had also come from her bedroom because of the noise, had been fatally wounded.

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