Pot substitute is legal, growing in popularity

NASHVILLE, Tenn.  – Mid-State parents say there's a new trend that's tempting children to get high, and the worst part is that the trend is legal and easy to buy at the store or over the Internet.

There are literally millions of videos on YouTube.com where people show off their pot-smoking prowess.

This illegal activity now has a legal counterpart — which has recently exploded in popularity.

Herbal incense was never meant for human consumption, but lately more and more people, including children, are buying the substance and smoking it to mimic the effects of marijuana.

Usually sold online and called by brand names like K2 or Spice, herbal incense is also available in many local convenience stores.

Chris Miller is a single parent of two, and he was shocked when he heard that the product was available at a local corner shop.

“You do your best to raise them, and when you've got convenience stores out there peddling it to them,” Miller told News 2. “And having to conceal it before they peddle it, it's disturbing, it's disturbing.”

The synthetic chemical in herbal incense wasn't meant for human consumption, and may be toxic.

There is no fine in place for selling or buying K2, and herbal incense is still legal in Tennessee and 47 other states.

“I just hope that parents are aware of this,” said Miller. “And for me, personally, I won't ever step foot in that store again.”

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