Detectives renew efforts 7 years after girl vanished

Detectives renew efforts 7 years after girl vanished (Image 1)

The FBI and Metro police detectives spent the morning Friday canvassing the east Nashville neighborhood where Tabitha Tuders went missing seven years ago.

The then 13-year-old left her home on Lillian Street on the morning of April 29, 2003 to catch her school bus about a block away.  She never made it.

More than two dozen detectives and investigators knocked on doors and stopped neighbors in the street, asking questions about the morning she vanished.

Patricia Hartley lived in the neighborhood seven years ago and told detectives the same thing she did in 2003.

“The only thing I could tell them is I saw her that morning, as she was headed to the bus stop,” Hartley recalled.  “She was by herself.  I didn’t see her get on the bus but I just saw her going to the bus stop.  That’s all I could tell them.”

Other neighbors recounted their memories of that morning as well.

A Metro police spokesperson said it’s too soon to determine if detectives learned anything new.

“It’s our hope and goal that maybe somebody still in the neighborhood will remember something about that day that they haven’t passed on to us before,” Metro police Capt. Marlen Pardue told News 2.

She said in the years since Tuders went missing, the police department has had very few leads.

“Our hope is after time, someone who knows something who was unwilling to talk to law enforcement,” Capt. Pardue continued.  “The money is a motivation.  We’re hoping for the recovery of Tabitha, to give the family some closure.”

Metro police said detectives and investigators will continue to talk to neighbors until they reach everyone in hopes of finding Tuders.  If alive, she would be 20 years old.

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