Couple offers home cleaning, cooking service

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A Mid-State couple has found success cooking and cleaning for others.

Charmaine Carraway has teamed up with her husband, a Cordon Blue chef, to create Home Sweet Home Clean and Cuisine.

She does the cleaning and her husband does the cooking.

“Where some people work out to clear their minds, he'll cook and myself, I love to clean to clear my mind and get my thoughts together,” Carraway explained.

Combining their two passions, they formed their own business six months ago.

For Carraway to clean a 900 square foot apartment like Linda Solero's with homemade aromatherapy cleaning solutions and her husband to cook two complete meals the couple charges $70.

To Solero it's worth every dime.

“Plus, to tell you the truth, I'm tired of doing it after doing it for so many years,” she added.  “It's just so special.  She makes you feel really special.”

Others clients must agree.  Home Sweet Home Clean and Cuisine is adding new customers all the time and Carraway said she plans to hire two more people to help her clean.

Carraway thinks the reason for her success is simple.

“What better way to end the stress of a very difficult day then to come home and everything you need done is already done for you,” she said.

Customers can choose between six different main courses, and several side dishes and desserts.

Visit for complete information and pricing.

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