Click ‘N’ Drive offers potentially life-saving reminder

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A device designed for commercial vehicles is now being sold to Tennessee families to make sure teens stay safe.

While the first thing safety experts encourage drivers to do when they get in their vehicle is buckle up, it is not something everyone does.

Philip Gaudin said his company's product simply reminds drivers to strap on their safety belt.

Called the Click 'N' Drive, the device works with any automatic transmission vehicle made in the last 20 years as long as the vehicle recognizes when the driver's seatbelt is off.

“Typically, once you start your car you put your foot on the brake, and that allows you to shift out of park but without your seatbelt fastened and with the Click 'N' Drive device installed, you can not put your foot on the brake and shift it out of park into drive so it reminds you to have your seatbelt on, then you can shift out of park,” Gaudin explained.

Unlike other devices on the market, the Click 'N' Drive device interacts only with the gear shift.

“This device has nothing to do with the ignition, the brakes [or] the safety features of the car at all,” Gaudin continued.

The United States Postal Service has decided it wants to make sure it's carriers are driving safely and has approved the installation of the Click 'N' Drive device on all two million vehicles in its fleet.

Local retailers like Electronics Express or Motor Trendz sell the device and can even install it for a total cost of $299.


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