Prom dress giveaway helps local families

Prom dress giveaway helps local families (Image 1)

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – As high school prom season approaches, the costs of a big night out begin to add up for Middle Tennessee teens and their parents.

For the second year, Gamma Sigma Sigma sorority of Middle Tennessee State University is stepping up to help local girls find the perfect prom dress at the perfect price, free.

The sorority gathered donations for students whose families may not have been able to splurge on fancy dresses this year.

“Their parents are just so grateful,” said organizer Claressa Johnson, “because a lot have lost jobs, or been laid off, had hours cut back, so it's been a great blessing for them that we're able to do this.”

On Saturday, more than 100 girls stopped by Cavalry Baptist Church in Murfreesboro to browse the 400 donated dresses.

“They have a lot of new dresses to pick from,” Johnson told News 2.  “A lot worn once, some haven't been worn at all, so a lot of new and up to date things to choose from.”

High school students like Marissa Niven say they're excited for the big night.

“It's blue and it's strapless,” Niven said, as she held up the dress.  “I have to get it taken up at the bottom, it's a little too big, but it's the prettiest one in there, it looked really pretty on me.”

Niven was quick to give credit to Gamma Sigma Sigma for their effort and generosity.

“Thanks, guys, this is an amazing thing you're doing, and all these dresses are pretty amazing,” she told the volunteers.

All remaining dresses will be donated to homeless teens so they can attend functions at their church or school.

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