What’s next for Bellevue Center?

What's next for Bellevue Center? (Image 1)

Plans are still in the works to revitalize the mostly-empty Bellevue Center Mall situated on Highway 70S, just off Interstate 40, about 20 minutes west of downtown Nashville.

In a meeting Monday night, city leaders told residents the new development company, Inland Capital, plans to build a mixed use development complete with retail and restaurant space in addition to a new library, similar to what the previous developer, FourSquare Properties, planned to do, but must make several tweaks before they present their plan to the public.

The Bellevue Chamber of Commerce said Inland Capital hopes to have its plan together by the beginning of May.

The development group will then hold a public meeting to discuss their plans and gather input.

Some had proposed building a new high school at the site of the current mall however school officials defeated such an idea Monday night.

On school board member said it would take $50,000 to build a new high school and in the current economy, the money is not there.

In addition, high school students that live in Bellevue are zoned to attend Hillwood High School, a school no where near capacity.

A date for the public meeting regarding the property has not yet been set.

Sears is the only store that remains at Bellevue Center after Macy's closed last year.

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