Man stopped twice for walking with gun in hand

Man stopped twice for walking with gun in hand (Image 1)

A Brentwood man is suing a state park ranger in federal court alleging his civil rights were violated.

This story stems back to a December 20 encounter at Radnor State Park.

Leonard Embody was carrying an AK-47 Pistol while walking the hiking trails.

Park rangers detained the former Williamson County School bus driver until Metro police and the ATF arrived.

After several hours, authorities determined the weapon was a “handgun” and didn't violate the guns in parks law. Mr. Embody was released.

Now it's happened again.

On January 23, shortly after 5 p.m., as it was beginning to grow dark, Embody was stopped on Belle Meade Boulevard near the Belle Meade Country Club.

Embody was carrying a black powder pistol, also known as an Army-Navy pistol, in his open hand.

Police detained Embody, who insisted that he was not breaking any laws.  Police disagree.

Belle Meade has an antiquated gun law that was first created in the 1870s.  It was amended a hundred years later, but it still has many loopholes when it comes to weapons.

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