Tom Ryba, CEO

Dear Patients, Families and Friends:

Welcome to Rolling Hills Hospital.

It is our belief that good mental health is essential to leading a healthy life and to the development and realization of every person's full potential. All of us at Rolling Hills Hospital are proud of our contribution to helping individuals with psychiatric illness lead fulfilling and productive lives.

We trust that your experience with our expert clinical hospital staff will provide you with personal care that is compassionate and respectful of both the patient and their families. Coordination with outside clinicians, social services agencies and patient's families' helps to ensure a smooth transition among levels of care, encouraging re-integration into community based life.

I can assure you, if you seek care at Rolling Hills hospital, you will find everyone is working together to provide you with an experience that is truly beyond compare. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Rolling Hills Hospital.





Tom Ryba

Tom holds a B.A., psychology, University of Washington; M.S. public health, University of Missouri. Prior to being named CEO of Rolling Hills, Tom has run private psychiatric hospitals across the country, most recently in North Carolina. He currently is Board Chair of the Mental Health Association of Middle Tennessee. He is a past President of the North Carolina Mental Health Association, and served as an appointed member of the North Carolina Commission for Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services. Tom also serves on the Federation of American Hospitals – Board of Governors. An Illinois native, who has spent the last 23 years in mental health administration, Tom is a skilled innovator in mental health policy and a leader in psychiatric hospital management.

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