The Procedure

To reconstruct your ACL, Summit Bone and Joint uses the Bone Mulch™ Screw and WasherLoc™ Device (figure 1). These implants potentially enable SBJ to reconstruct an extremely strong ACL, which may enable you to return to your active sports and recreational activities.

Typically, there are two options available when reconstructing the ACL. The new ligament material (graft) can be taken from one of your own tendons (autograft), or the graft can be taken from a tendon in the knee of a tissue donor (allograft).

The reconstruction is performed arthroscopically, which uses tiny incisions to insert surgical tools and cameras into the knee joint. A small tunnel is drilled into the femur (thighbone) and tibia (shinbone). The graft is then fed into the tunnel, looped over the Arthrotek® Bone Mulch™ Screw, and attached to the tibia using the Arthrotek® WasherLoc™ Device. The entire procedure usually requires 1–2 hours to complete and is performed while you are under anesthesia.

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