Local woman hopes brother’s killer brought to justice

Local woman hopes brother's killer brought to justice (Image 1)

One week after a homeless man was shot on a park bench in downtown Nashville, police continue to search for new leads.

Relatives hope that sharing the story of how 46-year-old Edward Matthews got to the streets will compel someone to come forward with information on his killer.

Cleo Burrows has been left with more questions than answers about the death of her brother.

“We want to know why?” she asked, “Why would someone come up and shoot someone for no reason, while he was sleeping?”

According to police, Matthews was shot and killed while he slept on a park bench at 5th Avenue North and Church Street sometime in the early morning hours of November 3.

“He was homeless because he wanted to be not because he had to be because he always had a home to come to,” Burrows said.

Late last week, police released surveillance video of Matthews leaving the Nashville Rescue Mission early on the morning he was killed.

Burrows said it's hard to see her brother in this condition.

“It was hard.  It was very hard.  We would get him to come home, and he would leave right back out.  It was very hard,” she said.

Burrows said before her brother became addicted to drugs, he graduated from Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science degree to teach special education.

“He was very talented,” she said.  “He graduated from TSU in 1986, he loved his family, and we loved him.”

Matthews lived on the streets for over 20 years and would call or stop by to see his family every few months.

“He would come home and rest and take a bath and stuff. He would drink some coffee and stuff like that.  After he would get his rest or whatever, he would leave,” Burrows said.

Burrows told News 2 her family hopes whoever is responsible for Matthews' death will be caught soon.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 74-CRIME.

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