Mayor says Country Music Hall of Fame plans to expand

Mayor says Country Music Hall of Fame plans to expand (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nashville Mayor Karl Dean says the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum could soon expand and dramatically changing the look of downtown Nashville.

From the beginning, Mayor Dean has made his priorities as mayor clear: education, public safety and economic development.

Mayor Dean said, “Tourism is the number two employer in this county, about 56,000.”

The cornerstone of the mayor's plan to promote tourism has been building the Music City Center, a new convention center.

Mayor Dean continues, “Build a new convention center, you're going to create a lot of energy south of Broadway, and part of that is, right next to the convention center, is going to be, is the Country Music Hall of Fame.”

According to the mayor, there are hopes to double the size of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Couple that with plans to build a new convention center right next door and the Mayor says within years, 5th Avenue South could be the next big attraction for people visiting Music City.

He said, “You're going to have an entertainment corridor on 5th Avenue similar to what we have on 2nd Avenue and on lower Broadway.”

Mayor Dean says the possible Hall of Fame expansion is a big part of capitalizing on Nashville's brand as the Music City.

“We're a very attractive city, and the music industry is an enormous part of that, and the Hall of Fame is obviously an important educational and cultural institution that attracts visitors too,” he said.

The mayor says a new convention center will attract visitors he says the city has missed out on in recent years.

He said, “We'll increase our business dramatically. We'll increase the amount of non-property tax revenue we're generating. We'll create thousands of jobs. It's just a home run for our city.”

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