Changes coming to ‘dangerous’ Murfreesboro roadway

Changes coming to 'dangerous' Murfreesboro roadway (Image 1)

Changes are coming to one Murfreesboro roadway that some consider dangerous, but the family of a child hit and killed by a car last year wants even more improvements done to make the road safer.

Bradyville Pike is a busy two lane road just south of the Middle Tennessee State University campus.

On Monday, TDOT crews will start on the road improvements, which will include some widening of the road, new striping and signage, all with the goal of making the area safer.

The family of Lakeisha White, the 11-year-old girl who died while crossing the street in July 2008, says what is needed most are sidewalks.

Rose Collier, White's godmother, said, “I want to know if its going to take another tragedy before they realize we need to do more than just widen the road.”

According to TDOT spokesperson B.J. Doughty, the agency “does not normally put in sidewalks unless we're doing a major reconstruction project.  We're talking very expensive long term project to add something like that.”

Doughty says these will be smaller changes that should have an immediate impact on some of the safety concerns with the state roadway.

Doughty said, “Legislators from that area and some local officials contacted TDOT following the death of the little girl.”

Then, the agency conducted a safety audit of Bradyville Pike and recommended the changes. 

According to the audit, Bradyville Pike has pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Over 7,000 cars travel the 30 mile-an-hour roadway each day.  

The improvements should be wrapped up within the week. 

TDOT will keep evaluating the area and could decide on more safety improvements down the road.

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