Jerome Barrett will serve murder sentences consecutively

Jerome Barrett will serve murder sentences consecutively (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A Nashville judge ruled Friday convicted killer Jerome Barrett will serve his sentences for the 1975 murders of Marcia Trimble and Sarah Des Prez consecutively.

In July, a jury convicted the 62-year-old Barrett of second degree murder in the Trimble case and sentenced him to 44 years in prison.

Criminal Court Judge Steve Dozier ruled he will serve the 44-year sentence following his life sentence for the murder of Des Prez, a student at Vanderbilt University.

“To do otherwise would minimize the death of those two young people and also would lessen the likelihood that he would ever be released into the community again,” Dozier said.

Barrett attempted to avoid his courtroom appearance Friday but the judge denied his request.

He was brought into the courtroom but refused to sit down to listen to the judge's ruling.

Trimble was nine-years-old in 1975 when she disappeared while delivering Girl Scout cookies in her Green Hills neighborhood.

Her body was found in a neighbor's garage on Easter Sunday, 33 days later.

After the sentencing, her mother, Virginia Trimble Ritter, managed to smile.

She told News 2 she has forgiven Barrett and is ready to move on.

“I feel good, it's all about Marsha now and I'm not about Mr. Barrett, unless he wants to see me, then I'll be there,” she said.  “I'll be there to talk to him if he invites me to come see him.”

District Attorney Tom Thurman said keeping Barrett locked up for the rest of his life was the right call.

“You can't kill two people and just have a free crime, obviously to kill two people, there has to be punishment for both and that's what we accomplished today thankfully,” he said.

The Trimble case has been regarded as the most notorious in Nashville history because of the circumstances surrounding her death and the length of the investigation.

The Trimble case remained cold for three decades until DNA evidence put Barrett at the crime scene and he was charged in June of 2008.

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