Friend says he first met McNair’s girlfriend last week

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – While relatives of Sahel Kazemi describe her as happy person and a young woman sure boyfriend and former Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair was going to divorce his wife and the two to move in together, recent events had her showing signs of distress.

According to Metro police, Kazemi, who shot and killed McNair before taking her own life Saturday, was struggling to make two car payments, her roommate was also about to move out, forcing her to pay all the rent and she believed McNair was having an affair with another woman.

Steve McNair, Sahel Kazemi
McNair with Kazemi on vacation a few months ago. (Courtesy: TMZ)

In addition, McNair reportedly stood her up in Las Vegas two weeks ago and last Thursday, she was pulled over in downtown Nashville and charged with DUI.

McNair was a passenger in the SUV when Kazemi was pulled over, as was Vent Gordon, a chef at McNair’s newly opened restaurant, Gridiron 9.

Gordon, who describes himself as a longtime friend of McNair, said he was like a big brother to the former NFL star.

“I loved him.  I am going to miss him.  He was my friend,” Gordon told News 2 Wednesday, the same day Metro police ruled McNair’s death a murder-suicide.

Gordon was the third person in the Escalade McNair and Kazemi shared when Kazemi was stopped on Lower Broadway just before 1:30 a.m. July 2.

According to police, Kazemi refused a breathalyzer and told officers she wasn’t drunk, but high.

Kazemi was arrested and McNair and Gordon were free to leave the scene.

Wednesday, Gordon told News 2 he had just met Kazemi the week before and didn’t know anything about her prior.

“For all I know he was just a friend to her,” he said.  “I didn’t know [anything] about her.”

Sahel Kazemi
McNair’s girlfriend, Sahel Kazemi

When asked if their relationship was a “boyfriend/girlfriend” relationship, Gordon said it seemed like they were friends, “hanging out.”

“I didn’t get into his personal life, stuff like that,” Gordon continued.  “What Steve did, Steve did on his own, we weren’t with Steve 24 hours; it was not anything like that.  Wee were just friends, homeboys.  Like I said, I’m his chef at the restaurant.  I did some personal cooking for him, stuff like that.”

When asked if McNair and Kazemi fought in the hours leading up to the DUI arrest, Gordon declined to comment.

“Like I said, he was my friend.  I can’t give out [any] personal details.  I don’t know [anything] about that.  There was no animosity between them.  They were just talking.  I wasn’t around when they were talking,” he said.

When asked if he was shocked, after hearing the news McNair was found shot to death Gordon replied, “The whole country was shocked.  The whole world was shocked.”

The bodies of McNair and Kazemi were found Saturday afternoon.  After a four-day investigation, Metro police concluded Kazemi shot and killed McNair before turning the gun on herself.

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