Rap song has some questioning McNair’s murder

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – While Keith Norfleet is not a suspect in the deaths of his former girlfriend, Sahel Kazemi, and Steve McNair, some are questioning rap lyrics from a song of his circulating the Internet.

In the song titled “Closed Casket,” Norfleet talks about death and murder.

Steve McNair
McNair, who was drafted third overall in the 1995 NFL draft, was the first draft pick of the Jeff Fisher era and the foundation of his teams for the next decade.

In part, the song says, “Over the hill need a thrill ‘cause you question your game… Until I pull the pistol out proudly put the clip in his mouth.”

The song appears to be directed at a man when it says, “but I’m only being real when I say, nobody wanna see an old man collapse.”

The song later appears to be directed to a woman when the lyrics say, “It’s a blessing that you’re still alive, well for you anyway, I could care less if you died.  I wouldn’t cry ‘cause you lied to me and my family.  You my closest sister, so let me paint you a picture.”

Metro police said they have questioned Norfleet and he is not considered a suspect in the deaths of McNair and Kazemi, who were found shot to death Saturday afternoon at a condominium McNair co-rented in downtown Nashville.

In a press conference Monday afternoon, spokesperson Don Aaron said Norfleet was cooperative and free to leave following questioning.

Tuesday, Aaron defeated suspicion about the timing of a comment a 22-year-old named Jett Jackson made on his MySpace page.

Jackson, who is a friend of Norfleet’s, posted “RIP Sahel Kazemi” on his MySpace page but the page had a “Last Login” date of July 2, 2009, two days before the pair was found dead.

Aaron said the comment was made remotely, from a mobile electronic device, and it was done after the deaths of McNair and Kazemi were publicized.

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