No. 1 Titans’ fan remembers Steve McNair

ANTIOCH, Tenn. (WKRN) – Ernestine Grigsby, or “Lady Titan” as she is widely known, is officially the ultimate super fan of the Tennessee Titans.

It became official when Grigsby was inducted into the NFL’s Hall of Fans in Canton, Ohio.

She goes to every game, every Pro Bowl in Hawaii, and four rooms in her home are dedicated to the Titans.

Steve McNair was one of her favorite Titans of all time.

Steve McNair
Remembering Steve McNair

In fact, he once spent more than two hours autographing memorabilia for her collection.

She threw a party honoring his mom, and has been known to send him cookies after ballgames.

“It was a personal relationship, a nice friendly relationship,” Grigsby told News 2.

She has 175 pictures of McNair hanging in her home, along with other Titans, mostly from the original 1999 Super Bowl team.

She has 395 McNair pictures in all, not including the 700 football cards of him.

“None of them are duplicates,” she said proudly.  “I have the biggest shrine in Tennessee, probably the biggest one in Mississippi.”

When it comes to the memorial service for her friend and hero, Grigsby will probably not be there.

She said, “It’s ripping my heart apart that I won’t get to see him again.  People keep calling me saying, ‘are you going to the service?’  I don’t want to see a casket.  I want to remember Steve up and around, running around.”

Grigsby hopes what others remember about McNair is not how he died but who he was on the field and in the community.

“All those touchdowns he threw and the year he came back from his back surgery and flipped into the end zone to score a touchdown to win that game, remember that,” she said.  “Remember how he asked if any of the fans like me, when Katrina hit.  He said if any of the fans like me, I’m bringing two trailers down here to the stadium to fill up and send this stuff to Mississippi.  They filled up over 18 containers for Steve.  Remember the good stuff about Steve.”

“I just want to hold him and tell him everything is going to be alright but it’s not and it’s not going to be alright for Michelle and it’s not going to be alright for the boys,” Grigsby continued.  “All we can do is pray for her and the boys.”

As a Hall of Famer herself, Grigsby will be at the season-opening Hall of Fame game in Ohio between Tennessee and the Buffalo Bills.

She said all of the old Titans players are going to be there, except one.

“Me and my granddaughter, we’re going to represent Steve, because he needs to be remembered,” she said.

Grigsby said she is already working on her Lady Titan outfit, half Tennessee Oiler, half Tennessee Titan and all No. 9.

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