Police: McNair’s girlfriend purchased gun Thursday

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – In a press conference late Monday afternoon Metro police confirmed the gun recovered from the downtown condo where former Titans quarterback Steve McNair and his 20-year-old girlfriend were found slain was purchased by the girlfriend just days earlier.

Police spokesperson Don Aaron said the semi-automatic pistol found under Sahel Kazemi’s body Saturday afternoon was purchased by Kazemi from a private individual Thursday night.

He said the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation was continuing ballistics and gunpowder residue testing and that Kazemi’s death would not be classified until the investigation was complete.

The gun was purchased less than 24 hours after Kazemi was pulled over and arrested for DUI while driving a Cadillac Escalade registered to both her and McNair.

McNair was in the front passenger seat of the vehicle at the time of the traffic stop but was deemed not to be in violation of the law and left the scene by taxi.

He later bailed Kazemi out of jail.

Aaron said McNair was not with Kazemi when she purchased the gun later that day.

McNair and Kazemi were found shot to death Saturday afternoon inside a condominium the 36-year-old McNair jointly rented with his friend Wayne Neeley off Second Avenue South in downtown Nashville.

It is believed they died in the early morning hours Saturday.

In an interview Monday, Dr. Bruce Levy, Chief Medical Examiner for the state of Tennessee and Davidson County, told News 2 of the four gunshot wounds McNair sustained, one, to the head, was at close range, or within inches of his body.

He said the other three, a second to the head and two to the chest, were shot from a distance of three feet or greater.

Dr. Levy said Kazemi died of a single contact gunshot wound to the head, which he said means the barrel of the gun was in contact with her skin.

He said while the evidence is consistent with suicide, it is still too early to classify Kazemi’s death.

McNair’s death has been ruled a homicide.

Metro police said Neeley arrived at the condominium shortly before 1 p.m. Saturday and found McNair and Kazemi shot.

Neeley telephoned McNair’s friend Robert Gaddy, who came to the scene.  It was Gaddy who placed the call to police at 1:35 p.m.

Before Saturday, the public knew nothing of Kazemi’s relationship with McNair, the married father of four sons.

The two began dating several months ago after meeting at the Dave & Buster’s restaurant where she worked as a server.

Kazemi’s nephew, 27-year-old Farzin Abdi, said his aunt believed McNair was divorcing his wife and was preparing to sell her furniture to move in with him.

He said he does not believe Kazemi would have killed McNair and then herself.

“There was no way she was depressed and wanting to do this,” Abdi said.  “She was so happy.  She just had it made, you know, [with] this guy taking care of everything.”

Nashville courts had no record of a McNair divorce case, but a 14,000-square-foot home he owned in Nashville is on the market for $3 million.

Mechelle McNair has been described as very distraught about her husband’s death and has not publicly commented.

Two public viewings are planned for Thursday in Nashville, followed by a memorial service Thursday night.

A funeral service will be held Saturday in Mississippi.

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