Neighbors say McNair frequented girlfriend’s apartment

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Sahel Kazemi’s neighbors at the Hermitage apartment complex where she lived describe the 20-year-old as “your typical young adult.”

Neighbor Reagan Howard said the girlfriend of former Titans quarterback Steve McNair was “real bubbly”, liked having friends over and often stayed out late

Unlike most young adults, neighbors said, it was one of Kazemi’s frequent guests that drew a lot of extra attention.

“When she first moved in, we didn’t know if it was [McNair] moving in or her,” Howard continued.  “He was here quite often then.”

Reagan said over the past few months, McNair was a fixture at the apartment complex.

“He showed up two or three times a week,” she added.  “[He] didn’t seem to be hiding the fact that he was here.”

Neighbors said they never saw or heard Kazemi and McNair argue.

“She was always happy,” Reagan recalled.  “I’d never seen her upset or arguing with anybody out here.  She may have behind closed doors, but not here in front of anybody.”

Reagan said while neighbors were well aware of their relationship, learning Kazemi was the unidentified woman found dead alongside of McNair on Saturday was still a shock.

“I have a hard time believing the way it looks, like it’s leading, or the way it’s being portrayed,” she told News 2.  “I have a hard time believing she would’ve done something like that.”

Neighbors said Saturday afternoon, Kazemi’s ex-boyfriend showed up at her Hermitage apartment around 4 p.m., before her body had been identified.

In fact, Debra Bacher said she heard Kazemi’s ex trying to get into her apartment.

“Went up and beat and beat and beat on the door, then left for several hours and came back and he beat again,” she recalled.  “[I] thought he was going to beat the door in.”

Reagan said the ex-boyfriend told her he’d spoken with Kazemi around Midnight on Friday, and said the two had talked about getting back together.

In a press conference late Monday, Metro police spokesperson Don Aaron said Kazemi’s former boyfriend, Keith Norfleet, was interviewed by detectives at police headquarters Sunday evening and he was fully cooperative.

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