Testimony 1. The ability of ICF homes to withstand hurricane and tornado force winds has long been known, but was made even more evident on August 18th, 2005, when a tornado destroyed most of the homes in a Stoughton, Wisconsin neighborhood. When the air cleared, one home was still standing with almost no damage: a concrete home, currently under construction, built with insulated concrete forms (ICFs).

We lost the roof of the garage and screened-in porch, and all the windows were broken, but the rest of the house is fine” says homebuilder Randy Settersten.

Testimony 2. Before the energy crisis, Brian Copeland built their dream home using the services of I Want A Better House. Little did they know that the savings would be so drastic.

Our prior home was a 2600 sq. ft. wood frame home with a $500 energy bill. Now we have a 6000+ sq. ft. home and our monthly bill at its highest has been $250. I don't understand why people still build with anything else but Insulated Concrete Forms. It's stress free, cost efficient and gives an unbelievable sense of security during rough storms.” says Brian Copeland, homeowner.

Testimony 3. When it came time for DirectBuy to build their new 25,000 sq. ft. showroom, they chose ICF construction. The decision was based on a desire to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Using insulated concrete forms reduced the project's construction time and provided the owners with the benefits of design flexibility, less air infiltration, a superior sound barrier along with greatly reduced maintenance expenses.

ICF construction provided us with significant energy savings for the showroom and created a healthy indoor environment for our customers.” says, Bart Fesperman, DirectBuy Sales VP.

Testimony 4. The Sundbergs home construction was 85% complete, when Hurricane Katrina slammed into the area on Aug. 29 with a huge storm surge and reported sustained winds of 125 mph. The water reached an elevation of 28 feet and the area around them was demolished, but one house stood standing…. theirs.

After the winds had died down and the water retreated to the Gulf of Mexico, the Sundbergs found that their home had survived the storm largely intact, with some blown-out windows, lost materials and missing upstairs panels.

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