Murfreesboro Rd. near airport hit hard

Murfreesboro Rd. near airport hit hard (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – South Nashville, along Murfreesboro Road not far from the Nashville International Airport, was the area hit hardest during Thursday's storms.

Several businesses along Murfreesboro Road near Kermit Road were destroyed and cars parked in the area totaled.

Winds blew apart a McDonald's sign and scattered tires across the parking lot and knocked down a brick wall at the Bridgestone Firestone tire center across the street.

“A group of customers were up front, it was very windy, the next thing you know transformers were blowing, tire racks were going out in the street…,” Andy Cash, a Bridgestone Firestone employee, recalled.

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Brandy Malone was picking up news tires when the storm hit.

She told News 2 customers and employees were huddled against a back wall when the storm hit.  They didn't know what else to do.

“It was very quick, 30 seconds, about 30 seconds it was gone.  It was very loud, very quick and uh, very scary,” said Cash.

Down the street, part of the roof was blown off TJ's Auto Sales.

The National Weather Service will analyze the damage along the stretch of Murfreesboro Road and determine if in fact it a tornado touched down.

The Federal Aviation Administration Thursday evacuated the tower at Nashville International Airport and all flight activity was stopped temporarily.

The airport asked people in the terminal to take cover away from windows.

There were no reports of injuries in Davidson County.

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