Local mom offers cost-saving coupon class

Local mom offers cost-saving coupon class (Image 1)

A Franklin mother has found a way to save hundreds at the grocery store and she's willing to share her secrets.

Kelly Hancock has taken on the nickname “The Coupon Lady.”

“You can save 75% or more on almost every grocery bill.  At least 50%, but you can get up to 75% or 90%,” she told News 2.

Hancock started using her method of shopping several years ago when she wanted to stay home with her newborn.

Since then, she has realized just how much she could save.

She said her family's food bill went from $1,000 a month to just $200 a month.

The secret, says Hancock, is learning how to stock up.

“When things are on sale, you buy more,” she said.  “Instead of buying one thing, things when you need them, you are always thinking ahead and planning for what you are going to do later.”

Hancock says just about anyone can save, learning how just takes patience and time.

Hancock's next class is Tuesday, March 17 at the Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood.

It costs $10 to attend.

The average American household spends $5,000 per year on food.

Visit FaithfulProvisions.com for money-saving coupons and tips.

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