Franklin police use text messaging to fight crime

Franklin police use text messaging to fight crime (Image 1)

Beginning Wednesday, the Franklin Police Department will begin using text messages to help fight crime.

If you have a police tip simply send a text message to TIP-411 to begin an anonymous conversation with police.

Monday, police paid a visit to Franklin High School to help spread the word.

“For example 'I saw a gun in locker 122 today', that is something that would be potentially appropriate to send in as a message,” said Sgt. Charles Warner with the Franklin Police Department.

Police also wanted to get the word out that any text police receive will be anonymous.

“Youth don't want to be labeled as 'snitches', that's a word that's commonly used amongst kids, they don't want to be retaliated against and they're fearful of that,” Sgt. Warner continued.

Students said they'd be a lot more include to “text rather than call.”

Senior Michael Lynch said he plans to get the word out via the school's TV news program, and says once kids know they can text anonymously, TIP-411 will be a staple in everyone's phone book.

“I think this new system should be able to eliminate the whole finding out who's the snitch problem,” he said.  “I'll be adding that to my phone just in case an emergency ever pops up, I'll use the system if need be.”

Franklin police will launch the program Wednesday at 10 a.m.

The police department is the first in the state to launch a text message tip program.

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