Price of cigarettes increases

Price of cigarettes increases (Image 1)

Friday marked the first day of higher-priced cigarettes and already, customers at the Discount Tobacco Store on Lebanon Road have noticed.

“They're very upset.  I mean, I've had people walk out the door today,” store employee worker Lori Aguilard told News 2.

Cigarette manufacturers are upping their prices in response to $1 federal cigarette tax that will go into effect April 1.

Manufacturer Philip Morris said they are increasing the price of popular brands like Marlboro and Virginia Slims by 71 cents.  Other brands, like Benson & Hedges, are going up 81 cents.

What do higher prices mean to the estimated 23% of Tennesseans who light up?

“I think they will slow down. I mean it's going to kill our business,” said Aguilard.

“As far as whether I'm going to quit or not because of it, probably not,” said smoker Jay Binkley.  “If I want to smoke I'm going to smoke and I'm going to pay whatever.”

Not everyone is as determined.

Matthew Bruzdowski is reconsidering his smoking habits.

“How much are my cigarettes going to cost and you know, it's either I pay a bill or I buy cigarettes so it's gotten to a point where I'm going to have to quit smoking,” he told News 2.

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