Mayor revisits plan for Riverfront Park development

Mayor revisits plan for Riverfront Park development (Image 1)

Hundreds attended a public meeting Saturday morning about development plans along Riverfront Park in downtown Nashville.

Representatives from the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency, or MDHA, told people in the audience the mayor wants them to go back and look at the project to see if there may be a better way of implementing the changes along the river.

The plans drawn up include more than a dozen projects to be built over 20 years.

Mike Jameson, the council member for the district that will see most of the development says he's not sure why the city wants to keep talking about this.

He told News 2, “We came up with that plan, we funded that plan, we spent half a million dollars on consultants to get that plan and the council decided to go forward and within the last few weeks, there's been announcements that it's going to be changed, and I don't know why.”

Ed Owens, one of the representatives from MDHA, said, “We've been asked by the mayor to take a step back and take a look at how we were going to go about doing that and explore whether there's a better way.”

One of the alternatives suggested at Saturday's meeting was starting the Riverfront Improvement Plan with a different project.

Right now, the first phase of construction is slated to be a Riverfront Water and Adventure Park.

Jameson said starting with any other project just doesn't make sense.

He said, “We can't get started on anything they're suggesting as a first year alternative.  We can get started today on the adventure park and do that now while we're applying for permits of the other projects.”

“There's no agenda here,” said Owens.  “It is simply an honest attempt to take a step back and re-look before we plunge into the proverbial water, if you will.”

The next step will be more public meetings to allow for additional input on any potential changes in the projects timeline.

MDHA said it will be at least a few more months before any decisions are made.

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