Opryland Hotel answers slow economy with bargain

Opryland Hotel answers slow economy with bargain (Image 1)

Gaylord's Opryland Hotel in Nashville announced it is offering a limited number of rooms for just $99 a night.

Amy Atkinson, Vice President of Marketing at Opryland, said with rates normally between $250 and $300 a night, $99 is rare.

The special rate, available now through March, comes on the heels of Gaylord's annual report, which showed that room occupancy dropped 6% in the fourth quarter from 2007.

Atkinson said Gaylord offers special spring rates every year, but the $99 special is lower than last year.

“It's exciting for Nashvillians because they have the opportunity to do what a lot of people from all over the world want to do,” she said.  “We're offering a $99 rate in March which is rare for a place like Opryland.”

Like other hotel chains, Opryland saw a decrease in the number of groups reserving rooms.

According to its annual report, the 6% drop in occupancy was the result of lower group volume.

Atkinson said nearby residents can benefit from the low rates.

“We're sensitive to what's going on in the economy and we want to have people be able to take advantage of what we have to offer,” she said.

Click here to reserve a room at the $99 rate.

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