Grant to help Metro’s Reading Recovery program

Grant to help Metro's Reading Recovery program (Image 1)

Wal-Mart donated $50,000 to Metro Schools Friday to help first graders who struggle with reading.

The Reading Recovery program provides one-on-one training to help turn children lagging behind into proficient readers.

Jill Speering, a trainer with the program, said the grant money will be used to train two teachers who will in turn train teachers across Davidson County.

The teachers will then help thousands of Nashville children.

It was Mayor Karl Dean who approached Wal-Mart officials about helping children through a donation to Reading Recovery.

“I visited this program for the first time about two years and I am totally convinced it's a great program in our schools that we need to build upon not trim,” he said.

Winona Edafe's daughter, Cydney, had trouble reading when she began first grade but now, thanks to the program, she loves to read.

“She's so secure in what she's saying.  Now she believes what she's saying.  Now she loves to read.  She reads signs, everything, all the magazines at home.  We sit down every night and she says ‘We have to read. We have to read. We have to read',” said Edafe.

Metro currently has 20 Reading Recovery teachers in 14 schools.

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