Glass company says if auto industry fails they do too

Glass company says if auto industry fails they do too (Image 1)

From the tires on your car to the plastic material inside and the windshield that protects you from the elements, almost everything besides the car engine and the frame are made by several different companies.

Some of Ford's windshields are made at a Nashville plant owned by Zeledyne.

The company employs hundreds.

“The money that's made [by employees] is spent in this community it's not spent somewhere else,” said United Auto Workers Local 737 president Tim Garrett.

Local 737 represents almost 400 employees at Zeledyne.

The union said if Washington doesn't help the three major American automakers it will mean the end to a lot of other industries like Zeledyne.

Garrett said, “If something happens to the automotive industry they're not going to be able to make it.”.

In a statement, Zeledyne CEO Michael McCarney reminds that “one in 10 jobs in the U.S. [is] directly or indirectly linked to the automotive industry.”

He also said his company's payroll is more than $38 million and they spend $40 million locally for goods and services.  $5 million of that $40 million goes to pay NES.

The UAW said if the auto industry doesn't get help, the ramifications will be felt very soon.

“Mass layoffs probably within four to five months,” said Garrett.

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