Murfreesboro residents contest tickets from red light cameras

Murfreesboro residents contest tickets from red light cameras (Image 1)

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – Several Murfreesboro residents appeared before a judge Tuesday to challenge tickets they received after they were caught on camera running red lights.

Stephen Cuddy was among them.

He received a citation, along with photos from the recently installed red light cameras in the mail in September.

He said all they pictures show is him turning right on red, something he didn't know that was illegal.

“[In] one [you] can't even see a traffic light let alone what color the light is,” he told News 2.

Cuddy's ticket came from the Old Fort Parkway and Thompson Lane intersection.

Others, who also received a ticket at the same intersection, told the judge Tuesday they didn't realize taking a right on red was illegal.

A sign posted at the intersection does say you can only take a right when there's a green arrow.

The rule, however, only applies to drivers in lane that lets you either go straight or right and some say that's too confusing.

“I was making a right hand turn from the center lane.  Apparently, in that intersection, the green arrow that's visible to everyone doesn't apply to you,” said one driver.

Despite the arguments, no one walked away from traffic court without having to pay the fine.

In fact, all five people who contested tickets had to pay $150 in addition to court fees.

Murfreesboro police said since they began ticketing drivers in early July they've issued just over 7,000 citations.

Police spokesman Kyle Evans said the cameras were installed with safety in mind.

“We're looking at what's best and safest for the people on the streets of Murfreesboro with these intersections so we're going to keep that as the first and foremost priority for us,” he told News 2.

Five Mid-State cities currently use red light cameras.

Gallatin was the first to install them.  Brentwood, Franklin, Murfreesboro and Clarksville followed suit.

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