New Metro program highlights repeat offenders

New Metro program highlights repeat offenders (Image 1)

The Metropolitan Police Department began a new program Friday highlighting repeat offenders.

As investigations warrant, Metro police will highlight a repeat offender each week.

This week's “Repeat Offender of the Week” is 23-year-old Nicholas Capito, a car burglar who just last year received a two-year sentence for five auto burglary convictions.

Fingerprints have identified Capito as the man responsible for at least four car burglaries on Elm Hill Pike and Bell Road between September 2 and October 4. 

In each case, the car window was smashed and valuables, including audio equipment, were stolen, police said.

Earlier this week, Metro Police Chief Ronal Serpas called on legislators to make the laws against repeat offenders tougher.

In just the month of October, several ex-convicts have been arrested for new crimes.

Chief Serpas said that wouldn't happen, if the laws were tougher.

“We're giving chances to people who don't earn them and don't deserve them,” he said.  “Today's offenders are terribly violent and they are repeat offenders who have been in and out of the same prison system [and] who do not want to be rehabilitated.”

Statistics show that 50% of felony parolees will return to prison within three years of being released unless they serve their full term.  The rate then drops to 24%.

Capito was last known to have lived on Denver Drive.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 74-CRIME.

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