Juvenile court clerk appears in court

Juvenile court clerk appears in court (Image 1)

Rutherford County Juvenile judge Donna Scott Davenport presided over a motions hearing Tuesday morning for Vic Lineweaver, the Davidson County Juvenile Court Clerk who is appealing a contempt of court charge from August 2007 for failing to provide court documents.

Attorneys from both sides presented their cases during the hearing which began unusually early, at 6 a.m. Tuesday.

The hearing started early because the opposing attorneys, due to busy calendars, could not reach an agreement for a normal start time. 

Judge Davenport emphasized how important a court clerk is for the courts.

“The court does not control the files. The clerk does and that is of great importance because the court then could not do their job with out that,” she said.

After two hours, Judge Davenport decided that while Lineweaver is still in civil contempt, she will hear the case from the beginning.

The appeal of the civil contempt of court charge will be held next January.

The Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts will reassign Lineweaver's duties until the matter is cleared up in court.

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