FBI joins Franklin hate crime investigation

FBI joins Franklin hate crime investigation (Image 1)

The FBI has joined Franklin police in their investigation after nearly two dozen racist phrases were found written on a car belonging to an African American.

There are references to the N-word, Africa and presidential candidate Barack Obama on the car, which was parked in the in the McKay's Mill subdivision, just east of Interstate 65 in Franklin when it was vandalized over the weekend.

The car belongs to Mike Collier's brother.

He said his family plans to leave the car on the street as a reminder of what happened.

“We are not going to move this car it's going to stay here, we have got the FBI coming out we have contacted the Franklin Police Department and hopefully we can get some resolve,” Collier expressed.  “When a wound is open it takes a while to heal.”

That healing for the Collier family will be helped by neighbors like Dave Clark.

“We support our neighbors for what they are going through and we are here for them, but we are disgusted by what we saw,” Clark told News 2.  “[We're] very happy they went to the police very happy the FBI is involved.”

Police believe the graffiti, which was written with a black Sharpie, occurred sometime between the hours of 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. Saturday.

Collier's brother, who did not wish to be identified, told News 2 he wonders if the Obama shirt he was wearing just hours before the incident ignited the vandalism.

The McKay's Mill neighborhood is made up of families of different colors with young professionals and retirees alike.

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