Activists push message of peace on city streets

Activists push message of peace on city streets (Image 1)

Nashville activists tried to put an end to violence by talking to young people in east Nashville's James Cayce Homes.

Lonnie Greenlee grew up in James Cayce, Nashville's largest and oldest public housing development.

She spent Saturday talking to residents, hoping to spread a message of peace.

“What I decided to do was go and personally talk to these guys and get these guys to come in and start sharing.  Because if they're not the peacemaker ambassadors in their own communities, I don't see how us coming will do anything,” Greenlee told News 2.

Greenlee, along with his sister Clemmie, spend their weekends getting that message of peace out to as many of Nashville's young people as they can.

Clemmie lost her own son to violence, a story she shares with anyone who will listen. 

She hopes to change even one young person's mind about choosing violence.

“Spread the message, no more violence.  No more violence,” she told residents of James Cayce Homes.

The group of activists visits a different part of Nashville every month, spreading their message of non-violence to young people.

State Representative Brenda Gilmore joined with the group as they walked through the large public housing development.

“I'm out here not necessarily because of my legislative position, but because I'm a mother and a grandmother and I want a city where we feel safe,” she said.

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