State ramps up effort to get kids insured

State ramps up effort to get kids insured (Image 1)

The state is sending out more than a million fliers to Tennessee children in an effort to boost enrollment in CoverKids, the state's health insurance program for low-income families.

Ajana Northcross is a mother of three young children, aged one, four and eight.

For months, her kids did not have health insurance and when they were sick, she could not afford to take them to the doctor.

Northcross said the stress was overwhelming until one day she saw a billboard advertising CoverKids and enrolled.

“This is a good opportunity for families and they should take advantage,” she told News 2.  “There aren't many programs out there that will help working families.”

An estimated 90,000 children in Tennessee do not have health insurance.

State officials said about half of them would qualify for the program.

While Northcross is uninsured herself, she said having health insurance for her children gives her peace of mind.

“If anything happens to them, they'll be okay.  They'll have coverage and I know they'll be okay,” she said.

To qualify for CoverKids, Tennessee residents must be under 18 years old, have been uninsured for at least three months and have an annual household income of $53,000 or less for a family of four.

The 1.5 million flyers that go out to parents will include postage paid envelopes so all a family has to do is send back the card requesting an application of additional information about CoverKids.

CoverKids launched last year and now has more than 24,000 members in the program.

Click HERE for more information on CoverKids.

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