Officer patrol car shot at in Hermitage

Officer patrol car shot at in Hermitage (Image 1)

Police are looking for the gunman who fired a shot in the direction of a Metro police officer Monday afternoon.

The detective was conducting an investigation in an unmarked car when the shot rang out around 4 p.m. near the intersection of Forest Ridge Drive and Central Valley Drive in Hermitage.

Authorities said the detective was following up on leads in a recent robbery and though he was not hit, there is no doubt he was in danger.

“Anyone who would step out and be brazen enough to fire a shot at a moving car we certainly want to identify and get into custody,” said Metro police spokesperson Kristin Mumford.

Police spent several hours Monday afternoon talking with neighbors on Forest Ridge Drive, who could potentially provide a description of the person who brazenly fired the shot.

Neighbor Glenn Redmon, said, “I turned my head going towards the left. That's when I heard a loud bang bang, and then I turned my head the other way and I saw someone taking off and going toward the back of the house.”  

Investigators believe the man took off on foot.

They found the gun stashed in a pile of trash behind one of the houses, but have little information to go on. 

“I saw nothing but shoes and feet that was it because by the time I looked, I motioned down, and I looked around and I seen somebody take off running,” Redmon said.

Police are unsure of the person's motive for firing the shot since the detective was driving in an unmarked car.

Redmon said, “You don't know that was a police detective, what are you shooting at him for, so something you was doing that you had no business doing… Now on top of that you're getting everybody in this area caught up in some nonsense. “

Regardless of the reason, neighbors are angry about gunplay in the middle of the day, on a street where their children are playing outside.

“If you're not going to respect anybody else, you need to respect the kids,” said Redmon.  “That's the whole thing.”

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 74-CRIME.

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